The Perfect Weight at Every Moment.

In 2014, Flexline Fitness Founder and Chief Product Officer Brandon Kennington, a Mechanical Engineer, set out to solve a key problem at the group fitness studio he opened with his wife Julie in 2011. A typical workout at the studio combined cardio and strength training using high intensity interval training (the HIIT method). The problem: the tools available for group strength training took up too much floor space, relied on static weights creating chaos in the group and, at times, put the clients at risk of injury. The status quo resulted in a suboptimal client experience and results. Brandon, an experienced entrepreneur, was convinced there was a better way. He played with many different form factors, finally landing on pneumatic pistons coupled with Smart Handles that allow the user to change weight at any time. After years of development and client testing, the Flexline Air DCT became generally available in the second half of 2016, ushering in a new era in strength training – the perfect weight at every moment.