Power at Any Age

By Julie Kennington March 30, 2017 If we randomly surveyed personal trainers and asked them if they train their clients for power, what percentage would say they do?  Which demographics train for power? Do trainers reserve power for athletes or the younger... read more

The National Pitching Association

The National Pitching Association takes good pitchers and makes them great. They train and develop their pitchers using knowledgeable advisers and scientific research to prevent injury and impairment, making it possible for them to play baseball longer.  ... read more

Playgrounz – Logan, UT

Playgrounz is a fitness facility that has created a supportive environment, inspiring people of all ages to increase their fitness, health, and quality of life. Their programs range from performance and Sweatbox classes to youth performance classes and Ninja Warrior... read more

RiseFit – Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

RiseFit is a group fitness studio specializing in 30-60 minute total body group fitness classes. Class types include their signature RiseFit class, kickboxing, and aerial stretching. Image borrowed from RiseFit.  ... read more

Drenched Fitness – Thousand Oaks, CA

Drenched Fitness was the first studio to feature Flexline. Drenched is a group fitness studio that specializes in classes combining HIIT method cardio and strength training. Trainers lead you through workouts using treadmills, TRX, free weights, and dynamic cable... read more

Flexline Group Board Tutorial

We recently launched the Flexline Group Board to add a unique element of gamification to your classes. In certain cases, you can drive the group towards a cumulative goal, like squatting a collective 24K lbs in 10 minutes, to foster a sense of team and community. In... read more