“This product has so many applications in group fitness!” – Amy Dixon, 2015’s IDEA World Fitness Instructor of the Year.

IHRSA Club Business International  / October, 2016

Flexline Fitness’ new, first -ever Air Dynamic Cable System (DCS) allows strength-trainers to access the perfect weight, at every moment, with the simple touch of a button. The process is facilitated by Blue­-tooth-enabled “smart” handles, which control pneumatic pistons that regulate the resistance. The handles track each move as an individual exercises, which yields more time in the muscle failure zone, reduced workout time, and maximal results. To increase versatility, the handles slide up and down the unit’s columns into nine positions. Because there’s no risk of dropping weights, Air DCS workouts are inherently safe. An onboard computer and touchscreen display heart rate, watts. weight, and other metrics. For more information, contact the company at 805-701-9988; flexlinefitness.com