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At Flexline We Believe:

People First: Products are important, but people come first. We hire the best and, accordingly, have high expectations.  We trade off freedom and flexibility for high levels of responsibility.
Experience is King: Without happy customers, we’re doomed. Providing our customers with the best user experience is our lifeblood. Considering the collective customer perspective is central to our success.
Plan Smart. Build Fast. We first ask, listen and learn to consider options fully and with care.  We then build with a sense of urgency and passion.
Trust: Trust is transparency, authenticity, and caring. Trust is the foundation of our relationships. Our relationships are the foundation of our organization.
Do the Right Thing: Long term value is optimized by doing what is right, we do not compromise this commitment for short term gain.
Culture is to recruiting and product is to marketing - HubSpot
Our commitment to a great culture results in happy employees, which leads to happy customers, which leads to growth.

Join the Team!

We’re looking for top talent at the cross section of Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Technology. Do you have something to contribute? We’d like to hear from you. First, search our current job postings on Linkedin. No fit today? Drop us a note HERE.