The Flexline Experience

Flexline Fitness Programming: a 20+ person synchronized class. We have 5 core principles when designing programming, we strive to be unique, social, fun, engaging, and motivating. How would it look in your health club?  ... read more

Upper Body Exercises

Dynamic Cable Trainers provide weight on demand that allows you to execute methods of lifting that usually require a spotter (i.e. negatives and drop sets). Try it out with the upper body exercises featured in this video.  ... read more

Cardio Combo Belt Exercises

Think all cable trainers are the same? Try some of these with steel plates! This video features various cardio combo exercises utilizing a hip belt with your Dynamic Cable Trainer.  ... read more

Ankle Cuff Exercises

Use these ankle cuffs to get even more out of your Flexline Air DCT. This video features several examples of how to incorporate them into your workouts.  ... read more

Full Body Bar Exercises

Our Smart Bar introduces a new level of versatility to your Dynamic Cable Trainer. This video demonstrates various exercises that can be executed using this component.  ... read more

Ab Exercises

Has one machine ever been able to provide you with this many different options for abs? This video demonstrates several ab exercises using the Flexline Air DCT.  ... read more

Cornerstone Clubs – Doylestown, PA

Cornerstone is an award winning network of health and fitness facilities in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. With multiple fitness facilities, a variety of programs and offerings and a team of over 300 staff, Cornerstone has become well positioned to meet the health and... read more

Legacy MMA & Fitness – Scottsdale, AZ

Legacy MMA and Fitness is one of our most innovative customers. You can often spot new and interesting ways to use Flexline on their social channels (Instagram and Facebook). They utilize Flexline to offer resistance training classes to compliment their MMA studio. A... read more

Fitness Industry: Challenges, Trends, and Answers

On October 5, 2016, Flexline Fitness’ Julie Kennington, Director of Customer Relations and Programming, hosted a 30 minute webinar with current prospective customers. The discussion focused on challenges and trends in the fitness industry and how Flexline plays... read more

Vive for Women – Chattanooga, TN

Vive training for women provides an energizing group interval fitness concept that will revolutionize the fitness industry. This one-of-a-kind workout is divided into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training, designed for maximum energy and calorie burn. Vive... read more