Grow Your Business With Flexline

For breakthrough revenue growth in a quickly evolving and ultra competitive industry, fitness entrepreneurs need to differentiate themselves with the latest and greatest technologies. Whether you’re operating a large facility, group studio, therapy clinic, or running a personal training business, Flexline is uniquely positioned to make the most of your space, your dollars, and your customer experience.

The Revenue Gap

Most clients cannot afford recurring one-on-one training and strength training is not effective in groups. Enter Flexline, an ideal solution for group strength training your clients will love.

The Flexline Bridge

  • Pneumatic pistons coupled with intuitive Smart Handles that change weight on the fly keep the group agile, together, and challenged.
  • All the strength training equipment you’ll need in a small footprint, removing bulky weights and maximizing floor space.
  • Ease in and out of position prior to setting weight, no more setup or set down injuries.
  • Flexline’s built in spotter allows the trainer to focus on the group.
  • Improve client experience with a synchronized group and focused instructor rather than a chaotic boot camp circuit style program.
  • An onboard computer and touchscreen track and display heart rate, watts, weight, and other performance metrics.
  • Tailored programs designed by Flexline to fully exploit the Air DCS give you a jump start on the best member experience.
  • Flexline prepared marketing collateral to engage your clients.

A True Full Body Work Out

When was the last time a product delivered on the promise of a full body workout? Whether you’re looking to build muscular strength or muscular endurance, power or speed, Flexline provides the full body results you are looking for. This video provides a glimpse into the variability in movement patterns enabled by Flexline.