The Perfect Weight at Every Moment


Flexline Air DCS

Flexline’s patent pending AIR Dynamic Cable System (DCS) couples pneumatic pistons with bluetooth enabled Smart Handles, allowing you to adjust weight on the fly at the touch of a button and quantify your workout. Welcome to a new era in strength training: the perfect weight at every moment.

Flexline Smart Handles our constantly working with you, adjusting on the fly and tracking your every move.

No risk of dropping barbells on the chest or dumbbells on the toes. Ease in and out of position without straining or awkward movements.

Win in the failure zone. Decide what intensity level you want, stay in that zone as long as you want, reducing workout time and maximizing results.

Whether you’re operating a large facility, group studio, therapy clinic, or a personal training business, Flexline uniquely supports growth (more here).