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The Flexline engineering team was not satisfied with the noise and maintenance requirements of traditional compressors so we designed our own unique Airpods. The AirPod’s condensation is self-evaporating, the pressure is self-regulating, and the motor is self-cooling and oil-free. We engineered the compressors to operate at a volume similar to a consumer washing machine. Many of our clients store their Airpods on the floor close to their Air DCTs while others place them in a closet away from their stations. Choice is yours!

Our AirPods come in two different flavors, 800W and 1200W.  Our 800W and 1200W Airpods can comfortably provide resistance for up to 5 and 15 stations respectively.

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Height: 28″
Diameter: 20″
Pressure: 115 psi
Airpod 800W: Powers 1-6 stations; Dedicated 15A circuit
Airpod 1200W: Powers 1-20 stations; Dedicated 15A Circuit

Please see out warranty here.


All products manufactured by Flexline Fitness, Inc. (“Flexline”) are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship as follows (providing the damage was not caused by abuse, misuse, or neglect of normal care):

– ten years from the date of delivery for the metal frame;
– three years from the date of delivery for pulleys, valves, air cylinders touch display and handles;
– two years from the date of delivery for compressor and cables; and
– one year from the date of delivery for everything else.


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