Hip Belt


Ready for some Cardio on Flexline. The Flexline Hip Belt makes jump squats and bear crawls some of our favorite agility moves on Flexline. Not to mention dozens of other movements. The belt is constructed with premium quality nylon, black steel hooks and carabiners, reinforced stitching all around the belt. Use the belt for weight or assisted pullups. Or squats with no load on the spine. Throw some boxing gloves on and use the hip belt to add resistance while sparing with a trainer. Endless ideas, but one heck of a workout!

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Brand: Iron Bull Strength
Product Weight: 1.5 lb
Quantity: 1
Length: Vary Upon Size
Width: Vary Upon Size
Sizes: 4 Different Sizes (Small-XLarge)
Material: Suede Leather
Colors: Black/Red

How To Use:

1. Position the belt around your waist with metal loops on each hip.
2. Tighten the belt with the velcro strap.
3. Remove any load on the cable before attaching the carabiner to the loops on your hips.

To clean your Hip Belt, use ordinary soap with warm water. Rinse and dry thoroughly before using it. Do not use any detergent or cleaners that may damage neoprene. Do not put in the washing machine or in the dryer.


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